Group Structure

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Belonging to Colas Group, the world’s leading company in road construction and maintenance, gives us a solid foundation based on very high level expertise.

Operating on every continent, via a network of 1,400 sites, Colas employs more than 55,000 people with a turnover of circa £13bn. Although 80% of its activity is devoted to roads, the group has been able to diversify, complementing its range of expertise in road safety, civil engineering, pipes, construction, railways and site pollution control. Its subsidiary, Colas Rail, focuses its activities 100% within the railway industry further diversifying the group’s capabilities.
Being part of a large group provides Colas Rail UK with a solid financial, technical and management foundation giving us access to exceptional levels of specialist resources in both rail operations, logistics and technology.
Colas Rail Ltd ensures that innovation and engineering best practice from the group is available and incorporated into its UK railway industry as part of its drive for continuous improvement.

“Our leadership in this industry is directly linked to our attention to our customers’ needs, executing effective solutions to meet and exceed expectations and our talented staff’s dedication to achieving success.”

Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Chief Executive Officer for Colas Rail UK


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