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Use of the planet’s energy resources and the waste that is produced is a critical concern at Colas Rail UK.

We believe that sustainable development is not a constraint but a driving force behind innovation and creativity. We also believe it makes our company a more attractive employer to a workforce which is increasingly sensitive to the need for social responsibility.
CO2 saved by our 'No Idling' Policy for On-Track Machines and Locomotives

Throughout all operations we:

  • Collaborate with our clients and suppliers to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  • Engage our people in sustainability and attract, develop and retain an engaged workforce.
  • Provide local suppliers and subcontractors an equal opportunity to compete for appropriate contracts.
  • Provide a safe, respectful and inclusive culture throughout Colas Rail UK and its supply chain, meeting internationally accepted ethics and labour standards.
  • Conduct our business with integrity and ethics in accordance with our company’s and Group’s policies and guidelines.
  • Drive a culture of learning and innovation.

Biodegradable Oils

Use of biodegradable oils on all On Track Plant

ISO 14001

Colas Rail UK is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System compliant

Best Practices

Winner of the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice

Respecting the Environment

We also aim to ensure that our business respects the environment in a number of ways:

  • Managing energy consumption and conserving natural resources, using those resources efficiently and sourcing responsibly.
  • Protecting and enhancing ecological resources.
  • Recycling waste generated by our activities and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while providing low carbon solutions for our customers.
  • Design solutions that ensure resilience to predicted future climate change and weather conditions.
  • Minimising disturbance to local residents.
  • Encouraging small ways to help the environment.
  • Advising on the choice of techniques and materials used.

As a significant supplier of railway infrastructure and rail operations services, we are committed to embedding sustainability in to everything we do to deliver sustainable rail solutions.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We have an excellent safety record and actively fund and promote a safety behavioural change programme. Find out more about our commitment to safety.