High Speed Rail

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We are a world leader in the design, construction, renewal and maintenance of high speed lines.

Since completing our first high speed scheme in 1981 we have worked on circa 3000km of high speed line including recent schemes at Rennes-Le Mans and Nimes-Montpellier in France and Tangier-Kenitra in Morocco, all of which are commissioning and coming into service in 2017/18.

Why use Colas Rail UK for High Speed Rail?

With more than 35 years' experience in High Speed lines, our established design process has enabled us to deliver successful projects and even break a few records.


International Speed record

East European High Speed Link

International Speed Record: 574.8km/h

East European HSL: Nancy Strasbourg (France 2007)


UK Rail Speed Record

Channel Tunnel rail link

UK Rail Speed Record: 334.7km/h*

for High Speed 1 (Section 1), legally the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL)

*208 mph


35 years global experience

Spanning UK, Europe and North Africa

35 years global experience

A leading player in the amount of high speed track built.

“High Speed Rail is different, and experience is fundamental to success.”

Iain Anderson, Managing Director, Colas Rail UK Urban & INDUSTRIES

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