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We operate and maintain the largest, most advanced fleet of On Track Plant in the UK with 86% of our fleet being under 10 years old.

We continually invest in and utilise the latest industry technology in our quest for continuous improvement and to consistently strive to raise the bar for the level of service we deliver to our customers.
We are unique with our significant locomotive haulage capability and as we have grown and developed, plant has continued to play a major part in our business and our machines have the flexibility to work on all types of S&C layouts in the UK, including modular designs and plain line track at the highest levels of quality and efficiency.
Our maintenance division is spread across a large network of depots throughout the UK, ensuring nationwide availability and giving us the ability to service easily, quickly and cost-effectively any day-to-day maintenance contract requirements anywhere in the UK.
As part of our fleet, we own 17 ‘Class 70’ locomotives which represent the pinnacle of modern freight locomotive design. These locomotives have a proven reputation for unrivalled haulage capability combined with reduced CO2 emissions. Our Class 70’s, with their haulage capability, enable us to maximise customer payloads whilst improving locomotive utilisation and providing excellent value for money.

Our Fleet

Tampers / Regulators:
  • 29 tampers including:
    • 14 Unimats
    • Matisa B41 UE
    • Plain Line machines
    • compact tampers
  • 2 ballast regulators
  • 4 seasonal treatment MPV’s – Network Rail owned
  • 2 wiring trains – Network Rail owned
  • 1 S&C inspection MPV – Network Rail owned
Mobile maintenance trains and grinders:
  • 8 Robel 69.70 MMTs – Network Rail owned
  • 3 Loram C21 Rail Grinders – Network Rail owned
  • 2 Loram SPML Rail Grinders – Network Rail owned
  • 1 Class 08
  • 2 Class 67
  • 11 Class 37/0 (RA5 route availability)
  • 3 Class 47/8 (electric train supply fitted)
  • 10 Class 56 (upgraded with tractive effort and wheel slip mods)
  • 10 Class 60 (Super 60 refurbished)
  • 5 Class 66
  • 17 Class 70
Specialist Wagons:
  • 8 x ‘Slinger’ rail delivery and recovery gantry wagons
  • 1 125T Kirow crane KRC 1200 UK (high capacity)
  • 16 PEM LEM switch handling units (PEMs/LEMs)
  • 2 Track Relaying Machines (TRM)

We operate and maintain the largest, most advanced fleet of On Track Plant in the UK.

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